Corporate Social Investment

We invest in our country's future by concentrating on long-term health, education, social development, and environmental preservation activities that benefit the communities we serve.

The Eswatini Posts & Telecommunications Corporation recognises that corporate social investment is an integral part of its commitment to sustainable development and a primary terrain for branding and enhancing the corporation’s reputation as a responsible corporate citizen and valued partner amongst communities where it operates. The CSI Policy provides scope for interpretation and implementation of CSI projects and programmes.

To give effect to this intent EPTC commits itself to invest in the development and empowerment projects that embrace the diverse needs of the populace of Eswatini and become a significant player in the field of community upliftment. Priority areas will be reviewed periodically to ensure that they are relevant to community needs.

Focus areas include:

CSI Gallery

Phutfumani Building, Mahlokohla Street, Mbabane.

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